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Tea for Tim

A cross Canada Journey. Starting in San Francisco.

By Tim Hathaway
9,011 miles (14,502 km) over 203 days between Apr. 5, 2012 and Oct. 24, 2012
Intro. heart 1
Equipment heart 2
Nearly off heart 1
Sheffield to Prestwood heart 1
Prestwood to West Bromwich heart 1
West Bromwich to Napton heart 1
Napton to Watlington heart 1
Watlington to a secret location not far from Heathrow Airport. heart 1
Family Days heart 1
Secret location to San Francisco: A long day heart 1



San Francisco heart 1
San Mateo to Rocky Point: The Steep Ravine Environmental Campground heart 1
Rocky Point to Bodega Bay heart 1
Bodega Bay to Anchor Bay heart 4
Anchor Bay to Fort Bragg heart 6
Day off in Fort Bragg heart 1
Fort Bragg to Leggett heart 5
Leggett to Weott heart 5
Weott to Mattole heart 5
Mattole to Eureka heart 4
Eureka to Elk Prairie Campground heart 3
Elk Prairie Campground to Brookings heart 1


Rest day in Brookings heart 4
Brookings to Port Orford heart 8
Port Orford to Lakeside heart 1
Lakeside to Wakonda Beach heart 4
Wakonda Beach to Otter Rock heart 4
Otter Rock to Pacific City heart 1
Pacific City to Nehalem Bay heart 6
Nehalem Bay to Astoria heart 2
Rest day in Astoria heart 1


Astoria to Bay Center heart 7
Bay Center to Montesano heart 3
Montesano to Brinnon heart 5
Brinnon to Port Townsend heart 2
Port Townsend to Anacortes heart 3
Anacortes to Lopez Island heart 4
Lopez heart 6
Lopez Island to Orcas Island heart 5
Orcas Island to Shaw Island heart 2
Shaw Island to San Juan Island heart 5
San Juan Island heart 4


British Columbia

San Juan Island to Mill Bay heart 2
Sightseeing in Victoria heart 2
Mill Bay to Parksville heart 2
Parksville to Courtenay heart 1
Day off in Courtenay heart 1
Courtenay to Saltery Bay heart 2
Saltery Bay to Gibsons heart 3
Gibsons to Mission heart 3
Mission to Hope heart 3
Rest day in Hope.: In hope of what...? heart 2
Hope to Hedley heart 4
Hedley to Osoyoos heart 5
Osoyoos to Midway heart 3
Midway to Christina Lake heart 3
Christina Lake to Nelson heart 3
Rest day in Nelson heart 2
Nelson to Creston heart 2
Creston to Cranbrook heart 1
Cranbrook to Sparwood heart 3
(Unscheduled) rest day in Sparwood heart 2


Sparwood to Lethbridge heart 6
Lethbridge to Bow Island heart 1
Bow Island to Schuler heart 4


Medicine Hat to Tompkins heart 3
Tompkins to Ponteix heart 5
Ponteix to Assinaboia heart 3
Assiniboia to Trossachs heart 4
Trossachs to Forget heart 2


Forget to Reston heart 3
Reston to Nesbitt heart 4
Nesbitt to Treherne heart 2
Treherne to Winnipeg heart 2
Rest day at Winnipeg heart 1
Winnipeg to Rennie heart 2


Rennie to Rushing River Provincial Park heart 4
Rushing River Provincial Park to Sioux Narrows heart 3
Sioux Narrows to Caliper Lake Provincial Park heart 3
Caliper Lake Provincial Park to a spot about 21 miles east of Fort Frances heart 8
East of Fort Frances to Atikokan heart 4
Atikokan to Shebandowan heart 2
Shebandowan toThunder Bay heart 2
Thunder Bay to Thunder Bay heart 2
Thunder Bay to Nipigon heart 3
Nipigon to Rossport heart 7
Rossport to Marathon heart 5
Marathon to White River heart 1
White River to Wawa heart 2
Wawa to Montreal River heart 5
Montreal River to Sault Ste. Marie heart 3
Rest days in Sault Ste. Marie. heart 3
Sault Ste. Marie to Sowerby heart 5
Sowerby to Espanola heart 5
Espanola to Sheguiandah heart 4
Sheguiandah to Gore Bay heart 5
Gore Bay to Perivale heart 2
Perivale to Miller's Lake heart 2
Miller's Lake to Owen Sound heart 3
Owen Sound to Orillia heart 2
Rest day in Orillia heart 1
Orillia to Carnarvon heart 1
Carnarvon to Wilberforce heart 1
Rest Days in Wilberforce heart 1
Wilberforce to Griffith heart 1
Griffith to Fitzroy Provincial Park heart 1


Fitzroy Provincial Park to Aylmer heart 1
Aylmer to Montebello heart 1
Montebello to St Calixte heart 1
St Calixte to Yamaska heart 1
Yamaska to Deschaillons sur Saint Laurent heart 1
Deschaillons sur Saint Laurent to Chateau Richer heart 1
Chateau Richer to Baie-St-Paul heart 1
Rest day in Baie-St-Paul heart 1
Baie-St-Paul to Baie-Ste-Catherine heart 2
Baie-Ste-Catherine to Forestville heart 1
Forestville to Franquelin heart 1
Franquelin to Port-Cartier heart 1
Port Cartier to Moisie heart 1
Moisie to Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan heart 1
Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan to Baie Johan Beetz heart 1
Baie Johan Beetz to Natashquan heart 1
Natashquan to Blanc Sablon heart 1

Newfoundland AND Labrador

Blanc Sablon to Shoal Cove East heart 1
Shoal Cove East to St Anthony heart 1
St Anthony to Quirpon heart 1
Quirpon to St Barbe heart 1
St Barbe to Port au Choix heart 1
Port au Choix to Portland Creek Pond heart 1
Portland Creek Pond to Norris Point heart 3
Norris Point to somewhere before Wiltondale heart 1
Somewhere before Wiltondale to Steady Brook heart 1
Steady Brook to Pasadena heart 1
Pasadena to Deer Lake heart 1
Deer Lake to Corner Brook heart 1
Corner Brook to Barachois Pond Provincial Park heart 1
Barachois Pond Provincial Park to Peter Strides Pond heart 1
Peter Strides Pond to Burgeo heart 1
Rest day at Burgeo heart 1
Burgeo to Grey River heart 1
Grey River to Francois heart 1
Francois to Pools Cove heart 1
Pool's Cove to Jacques Fontaine heart 2
Jacques Fontaine to Swift Current heart 1
Swift Current to Bellevue heart 1
Bellevue to Dildo heart 1
Dildo to Bay Roberts heart 1
Bay Roberts to Brigus heart 1
Brigus to St John's heart 2
St John's to Ferryland heart 3
Ferryland to Trepassey heart 2
Trepassey to St Vincent's heart 2
Shaking hands with Hurricane Leslie in St Vincent's. heart 2
St Vincent's to Placentia heart 1
Placentia to North Sydney heart 1

Nova Scotia

Halifax to Murphy's Cove heart 1
Murphy's Cove to Sherbrooke heart 1
Sherbrooke to Canso heart 2
Canso to Linwood heart 1
Linwood to Inverness heart 2
Inverness to Pleasant Bay heart 2
Rest day at Pleasant Bay heart 1
Pleasant Bay to Wreck Cove heart 2
Wreck Cove to Whycocomagh heart 2
Whycocomagh to Antigonish heart 1
Antigonish to Pictou heart 2

Prince Edward Island

Pictou to Montague heart 1
Montague to Charlottetown heart 1
Charlottetown to Summerside heart 2

New Brunswick

Summerside to Tidnish Crossroads heart 2

Nova Scotia

Tidnish Crossroads to Tatamagouche heart 3
Tatamagouche to Truro heart 2
Truro to Windsor heart 1
Windsor to Kentville heart 1


Kentville to a secret location not far from Heathrow Airport. heart 1
More family daze. heart 1
A secret location not far from Heathrow Airport to Milton Keynes. heart 1
Milton Keynes to Moira heart 1
Moira to Sheffield heart 1
The winners and the losers heart 0
Random Stuff heart 1