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May 26, 2012

Mission to Hope

Maybe i'm going soft, because I slept lke a dead dog on tranquilisers last night in a proper bed at Jim's, and was back on the road by 0730 having been fed a delicious breakfast washed down with coffee (tea was available).

Before long i'd clocked over 2,000 miles so far on the journey, so stopped for the obligatory milestone photo, although if i'm going to be totally honest it was taken at 2,000.1 miles as the view was better when i'd passed the bend in the road. Shortly after this, whilst going down a good hill, I managed a top top speed of 46mph, and the bike felt really stable at this speed - there's more life in the old girl yet!

The view at 2,000 miles.
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I stopped at Agassi for a cinnamon bun (these are fast becoming a staple in my diet) and a pot of tea washed down with some wifi, then went to get a haircut, but the queue was too long so was heading down to the outdoor store for some bear repellant when I heard my name being shouted from the other side of the street. Curtis, who'd been trying to arrange to meet up so we could ride together had spotted me, so after brief introductions, we went on our way to Hope. Curtis reckons a whistle blown loudly wil scare a bear, so as I have one on me, there's a few more dollars in the cinnamon bun fund.

Curtis "the hill killer" Anderson, showing the hill who's the boss.
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I managed a haircut in Hope, a place I last visited 18 years ago whilst driving from Medicine Hat to Vancouver in a car just like this...

The coolest of coolmobiles, a 1977 Mercury Marquis
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although had to pay for this one, but the weight lost in preperation for the Allison Pass will make it money well spent. After buying groceries we went to a "first nation" campsite which at $10 with wifi and free showers ranks as todays top bargain. It was a windy spot, but after todays clear blue skies and heat it was a welcome way to finish off a great "shorts and no socks" day.

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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 2,047 miles (3,294 km)

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