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May 25, 2012

Gibsons to Mission

Whilst packing away J.F. came round to the loggers camp to see if I would like to join him for breakfast, so it was a short ride to his place for coffee and pancakes. Seeing the time was 5 past 8 it was time for a sharp exit to make the 6km for the 0825 ferry, my last ferry for a while, which fortunately I got to in time.

"Excuse me Sir, are you the driver of this vehicle?"
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I would have benefitted from researching the route through and out of Vancouver, but that isn't really my style, preferring just to wing it and ask directions from the locals. Consequently I had to ride the shoulders of some busy roads, but that didn't bother me today, as finally I had the sun on my side and I was heading east, starting the journey across Canada which I had been dreaming of for far too long.

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Welcome to Vancouver!
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It was a hot day, with barely a cloud in the sky, and finally being away from the coast and heading inland also caused the temperature to rise to temperatures I was definitely not used to. It stayed like this until I was nearly at Jim's place and was rained on by a lone dark cloud.

Jim, a fellow crazyguy, had kindly invited me to stay at his place a while ago, and I was finally to meet him and his wife Jo-Ann, and be spoiled rotten. There was naturally a lot of cross Canada talk, as Jim is due to set off on his trip next week

Jim and Jo-Ann. Great hosts.
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Today's ride: 61 miles (98 km)
Total: 1,993 miles (3,207 km)

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