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October 24, 2012

Random Stuff

The most travelled road - joint winners; the road out of Medicine Hat and the section of Trans Canada Highway between Deer Lake and Corner Brook.

Number of ferry journeys - 30.

Province / State rankings (in terms of ferry journeys taken) - 1st British Columbia 2nd (Equal) Washington, Quebec, Newfoundland 5th Nova Scotia 6th (Equal) Ontario and P.E.I.

Assuming an average speed of 12mph, I rode the equivalent of 31 days and 7 hours non-stop.

Each tyre rotated at least 6,683,410 times. Looking at how the tread had worn by the end, it could have been quite a bit more than this due to the reduced circumference.

Fastest daily average speed - 17.6mph, from Forget (if I remember correctly) to Reston.

Time zone I spent the longest in - Pacific time.

Time zone I spent the least time in - Central time.

Fastest speed ridden - 56mph (90kmh) on the Connaigre Peninsula in Newfoundland.

Most beautiful location - Francois, Newfoundland.

Most northerly point - Sheffield, England. 53° 21' N

Most northerly point in North America - L'anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. 51° 35'

Most easterly point - Heathrow Airport, England. 0° 27' W

Most easterly point in North America - St John's, Newfoundland. 52° 42' W

Most southerly point - San Mateo, USA. 37° 33' N

Most westerly point - Courtenay, Vancouver Island. 124° 59' W

Favourite state / province - Newfoundland.

The 202 nights away were spent in the following types of "accomodation"; 135 in my tent. 37 in private houses, 5 of which were courtesy of crazyguys and 3 of which were courtesy of warmshower hosts. 18 in paid non-camping accomodation (motel / hotel / B&B / Hostel). 4 in caravans (trailers). 3 in boats. 1 in an aeroplane. 1 in a campsite games room. 1 on a beach, under the stars. 1 in a picnic shelter. 1 in a community hall.

Toughest climb. This is a hard one, so I have 3 possibilities; "The Wall", a road outside Petrolia on California's Lost Coast. Mount Constitution, on Orcas Island, Washington. The first part of Allison Pass, up to the Hope Slide. If you want to be more precise than this, then I suggest you ride all 3, and let me know what YOU think!

Number of bananas eaten. I lost count early on, but I ate enough of what was my favourite fruit to transform eating them from a pleasure to a chore.

When did it all go wrong...?
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