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May 24, 2012

Saltery Bay to Gibsons

It seems that I haven't lost my ability to function in any capacity other than pedalling, because I made it to the ferry terminal before the 0925 left this morning, and I even got there with enough time to eat my breakfast whilst waiting. It was a tense time though, as I didn't have my first cup of tea until the ferry was underway.

View from today's ferry crossing.
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After a second breakfast in a cool place in Madeira Park, a small town well worthy of a rest stop, I was back on the road again, the terrain today being hillier than it has been for a while and calling for the granny gear - or is it that my legs need a rest day soon that doesn't involve cycling?

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It was definitely getting hillier on the approach to Sechelt, as I broke my trip speed record, notching it up by one to 43mph. Woohoo! That isn't the only thing about Sechelt which put it in my good books - after eating lunch in the sun on a picnic bench I went to get some groceries, and, are you ready for it, found a tin of Pataks Madras sauce, so it's curry for dinner tonight, for the first time since leaving England. On the subject of grocery stores, something really good they have here and not in Europe is bagging your own loose produce so you can get the amount you want or need without the unnecessary packaging which so many things come in. This way you can buy just the amount of say rice you need for a meal, not a complete box or pound bag. Wake up Europe!

Only take what you need, plus a bag of sweets.
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After seeing a closed sign on the State camground at Roberts Creek I just rode on hoping to find somewhere, and when I got to Gibsons saw a bike shop, Spin Cycles, so went in to ask if anyone there knew of one in the area. Before I knew what was happening, the owner, J.F. said he'd take me to a place I could camp at for the night, a disused loggers camp. After accepting, I also had 2 more offers for the night. What a place, and what people!

Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 1,932 miles (3,109 km)

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