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May 27, 2012

Rest day in Hope.: In hope of what...?

I'm struggling to remember the last time I had a day when I didn't ride anywhere, it was probably in Astoria, Oregon, so today has been a day I have busied myself doing nothing. Nothing except looking after my 3 travelling companions; body, mind and bike. That has meant lots of sleep, lots of food and tea, and lots of love and affection dished out to my bike with a good clean, new brake pads, and swapping the front and rear tyres over as the rear is wearing faster.

This weekends view, overlooking the Fraser River.
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Fortunately, being in Hope there isn't much to do which has aided the day of rest. Hope is renowned for it's wood carvings all over town, which I think is a shame, as it should be the Blue Moose Cafe which it is famed for. It has a great selection of teas (and some coffee too), comfortable chairs, good music and free wifi. What more does a touring cyclist need?

What Hope is famed for.
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What Hope should be famed for.
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