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August 11, 2012

Blanc Sablon to Shoal Cove East

I missed out on a "Welcome to Quebec" sign when entering the province, so here's one as I leave it.
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After a great sleep I headed into downtown Blanc Sablon for some groceries and to have a look around. I was so close to the Labrador border that I couldn't resist going there, so headed back past the spot I had camped at last night, and the border was only a further 100 metres, although in the darkness last night I had been unaware of this.

last nights camp spot overlooking the harbour at Blanc-Sablon.
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On one of the maps I have been using (printed in 2012) it shows a ferry service going from Labrador to St Anthony in Newfoundland, but nobody that I have spoken to can confirm it's existence. I called into the visitor information at Ile-Au-Bois, where the lady there told me it hasn't run since the 1970's. Instead of trying to catch a non existent ferry I found the campsite and used their showers before heading back to Blanc-Sablon to catch the very much still in existence ferry to St Barbe.

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L'Anse-au-Clair viewed from above.
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Most people would now go south towards St Johns, but I want to see the area that the vikings landed at 1,000AD, so am headed north. On the way I stopped at a convenience store for a beer, but unlike Quebec you cannot buy just 1 beer, you must buy a 6 pack, which although I liked the idea of it, knew it would be a bad idea. I managed to persuade (without much difficulty) the lady at the bar of the local Lions Club to sell me a single beer, and took it to Shoal Cove East where I set up for the night next to the sea.

Newfoundland coastline.
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Today's ride: 36 miles (58 km)
Total: 6,507 miles (10,472 km)

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