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September 21, 2012

Halifax to Murphy's Cove

Before anyone thinks that I have had such a restful week that I rode 146 miles today, 87 of them were ridden during my "week off", but I thought that this was as good a place as any to include them.

The day started so early that I had to wait for daylight prior to starting, only to have to put my lights on anyway as visibility was so bad due to the heavy rain which lasted until I got to Musquodoboit Harbour, a place name I have no idea how to pronounce now that Kate (my linguist and guide for all things cultural in Canada) has finished her trip and gone home. There is a great bakers in the "M" place, the Dobbit Bakehouse, which like nearly all good bakeries in this area is run by a German couple.

It seems that it isn't just the Newfies that have the good sense of humour in the maritimes...
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Oyster Pond, a lovely quiet spot where I had lunch not too far from the road.
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Struggling with the idea of putting in a long day, and tempted by the lure of wifi at Murphy's Camping On The Ocean I called it a day early, and caught up with all the things I should have caught up with last week. It is a well maintained campground which has complimentary coffee (but alas not tea), and a complimentary mussel boil tonight, which now that I have attempted to fill the bottomless pit with no sides that is my stomach I will go and try. But first, Thomas Kipp, the German cyclist Kate and I met in Ontario, and again on the ferry last week has just rolled into the campground, so it is first time to catch up with him.

My guess is that these are Cormorants drying themselves on the rocks, but knowing my birdspotting abilities, they could be penguins.
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Today's ride: 146 miles (235 km)
Total: 7,800 miles (12,553 km)

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