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July 27, 2012

St Calixte to Yamaska

After a much needed deep and heavy sleep we were on the road again, the first 6 miles of which were through beautiful quiet farmland, passing just about every crop imaginable. Once back on the main road the traffic built up again, so we decided to revise the route slightly after lunch, which was taken in a gas station's garden, and followed with a sleep.

A covered bridge, remarkable for not being the longest, oldest, fastest or anything elsest.
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Our new route meant we would have to cross the St Lawrence River again, and we did this with a ferry to Sorel. I have been struggling with my limited French up till now, so Kate wrote out a phrase for me to learn, which I have placed inside the map cover. It says "Je ne suis pas stupide, mais je parle seulement un peu de Francais". I showed it to a guy on the ferry who tried chatting to me, and he thought it so funny he showed his friend too. We ended up chatting for the whole journey, with many other passengers also eager to hear about the trip. Strangely enough, the most common question non-cyclists ask is "How many tyres have you gone through...?"

On board the ferry to Sorel.
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Coming out of Sorel there were very few camping possibilities, and although one cyclist we asked about any possibilities in the area offered his garden to put our tents in, we declined as it would have meant back tracking - one of the least attractive options to a cyclist! We kept going, and after having our water bottles filled by a kind mechanic at a garage, we found a sign for a municipal park at Yamaska, which had great facitities, so cooked and ate there before going down to the river's edge to put our tents up for the night as it was getting dark. We had a slight bit of bother from a small group of local teenagers later on, but with my limited French I "befriended" them, and they went away and left us alone.

Some of the great facilities on offer at the Yamaska park.
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Today's ride: 62 miles (100 km)
Total: 5,633 miles (9,065 km)

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