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July 28, 2012

Yamaska to Deschaillons sur Saint Laurent

The weather forecast this morning was for wind from the north-east at 20km/h, or in other words a full in yer face head wind, and although it lasted all day it didn't even come close to ruining it.

Is this the coolest bike shop mural ever?
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So much of the western world is consumed with the idea of consumerism and mass industrialised production of food, so it has been a welcome relief to see "the old way" of doing things again. We passed three bike stores today, but unlike most of the modern ones, they weren't trying to sell the latest model in the latest colours with the matching accessories to everyone that passed over their thresholds. Instead, they were more concerned with repairing old bikes, keeping what people already have on the road and away from a land fill or "recycling facility". Similarly, instead of seeing massive farms being worked on by massive machinery spraying crops with massive amounts of insecticide, pesticide and whateverelseyoucanthinkoficide, there have been many small farms growing a range of crops using fairly traditional methods. Well done Quebec - we love you!

Another cool bike shop.
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After stopping for a first lunch and wifi at the info-centre in Nicolet, we stopped for a second lunch, washed down with a great beer at a market at Becancour. The lunch was bought from the market, was all local produce, and was damned tasty.

Tasty lunch at the market.
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After a slow ride to the campsite, made slow not only by the wind, but also all the great photo opportunities, we set up for the night at the Cap La Roche campground, which is back to the more reasonable pre-Ontario prices, and although a bit busy and commercial for my liking, it had everything we needed to catch up with chores, including laundry and good ole wifi.

It's laundry day today. Again!
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Today's ride: 68 miles (109 km)
Total: 5,701 miles (9,175 km)

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