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August 8, 2012

Baie Johan Beetz to Natashquan

Fortunately my bladder woke me up in time to see the sunrise this morning. Little did I know at the time that it would almost be the last time I would see it this morning. When I woke up again it was to the sound of rain on the tent, and the rain didn't let up until the afternoon.

Another view from the side of the road.
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I arrived in Natashquan in good time, probably because my normal wandering ways were cut short by the weather, and spent about 40 mins at the information centre using their (not free) wifi, before stocking up at the grocery store. By the time I had finished I was eager to get out. Unfortunately, like John O'Groats or North Cape, Natashquan was swamped by tourists, the main reason for which being only because it is the town at the end of the road (although it isn't really as there is an Indian settlement 3 miles further down the road at Pointe-Parent, but for some reason these always seem to be ignored).

I rode to the end of the road, which is no longer the end of the road, as there is now a further 18km of gravel road, but as time was getting on and I had a growling stomach that was all for me before returning to the Municipal Campground. I soon got chatting to Mickel and a friend of his, who invited me to their RV, or should that be VR, where I joined them for a beer and some snacks.

At the end of the road. Allegedly.
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I was early to bed as I had a ferry to catch in the morning, which if I missed I would have to wait a whole week for the next one, so I wanted to be up early. I went to sleep thinking about the differences between Baie Johan Beetz where I had woken up today, a quiet village relatively unchanged since the introduction of the road in 1996, and Natashquan, a town swamped by tourists where the locals struggle to cope with them (being unused to dealing with many outsiders) and they have to bring people in from Quebec City to man the Visitor Centre during the busy months of the summer.

Today's ride: 63 miles (101 km)
Total: 6,465 miles (10,404 km)

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