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October 3, 2012

Montague to Charlottetown

Nowadays everyone is made to believe that more is better, bigger is better or faster is better. I disagree. There's no way that fast food is better than slow cooked proper food. The fastest route isn't always better either, and that was definitely the case today when I took the Confederation Trail all the way from the campground in Montague to downtown Charlottetown, just around the corner from the hostel I am staying at tonight.

Early morning view from the tent, with the moon still in the sky.
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The trail is built on the old disused railway network, and it is mainly flat, well surfaced, and passes through some lovely countryside away from the roads (even though they all seem to be quiet here on PEI). It does pass close to a couple of small towns / villages on the way which had to be checked out.

The first one of these was Cardigan, and rather than being famous for a rather outdated form of sweater, it has the smallest library in Canada. Hooray for not being the biggest. Next stop was Mount Stewart where I was hoping to find a store to sell me something to make my lunch more appetising. The only place open was a gas station with attached convenience store. Convenient maybe if you want to buy potato chips (crisps) and coffee, and nothing else. It was however a convenient place to dry out the tent that was packed away dew soaked this morning.

Canada's smallest library was closed this morning. I wonder if the librarian is off work with smallpox.
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As I came into Charlottetown the trail suddenly started to fill up with other cyclists - the first I had seen for a few days, and from the end of the trail it was only a couple of blocks to the hostel I had booked a bed in for a couple of nights so I can have a look around the capital of PEI. Although I have only been out once so far to do some laundry, I have just met an interesting guy here, so a few beers are on the cards later...

Another view from the Confederation Trail.
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Today's ride: 50 miles (80 km)
Total: 8,480 miles (13,647 km)

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