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October 2, 2012

Pictou to Montague

This place is amazing, I went to sleep last night to the sound of raindrops falling on the tent and awoke this morning to a dry tent. How does that happen? After packing away the dry tent, and then buying the days groceries, I was first in the queue to see the ship "Hector" and her museum. She is a replica of the first ship to bring immigrants into Nova Scotia in 1773, and was filled with Scots fleeing from the English. Cowards. The display was excellent, and I recommend it to anyone passing through or in the area.

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As I was leaving the museum I asked a lady how far it was to the ferry as I wasn't sure if it was worth pedaling my socks off if I was going to miss it. She doubted that I would make it, and always one to rise to a challenge I set off at top speed, and made it easily with minutes to spare.

The ferry to PEI. Although modern craft aren't as grand as their predecessors,
they are slightly more comfortable.
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Having arrived on PEI (Prince Edward Island), my 9th province so far, and had lunch outside the Info Centre, I headed to Montague which not only has a campsite still open, but is home to Kate's Artisans Cafe, and there was a slice of cake there with my name on it (not to mention the pot of tea to wash it down with).

Welcome to Prince Edward Island.
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One of the many car free cycling paths on the Island.
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So far everybody on PEI has lived up to the reputation that has been bestowed upon them. I am now sat at the Lanes Cottages Campground, overlooking the river and thinking that this is a good place to chase away the endoftripitus that had been bothering me at the weekend.

Home for the night.
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Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 8,430 miles (13,567 km)

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