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April 21, 2012

Day off in Fort Bragg

After a leisurely start, some bike maintenance and a chat with the Korean guy also heading up the coast, I took a walk into Fort Bragg along the disused railway line which used to serve the timber mill and has now been converted into a path. It runs right next to the sea and avoids all the traffic - great.

Wooden bridge on the old railway line
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Fort Bragg is only a small town of about 7,000 people (but that makes it a large town on this coast), but has most things - except somewhere to buy a SIM card. I warmed to the place pretty quickly, especially when complimented on my home made netbook case by a lady in the coffee shop. I had a leisurely walk around town, and found somewhere for a haircut (i'm lightening my load as much as possible in preperation for the Leggett Hill tomorrow), The Mens Room, and not only was my hair beautifully cut but I was told it was on the house. Thanks Linda. This is definitely the best barbers I have ever been to in the USA, and I highly recommend it to everyone, even if you don't need a haircut!

The Men's Room - not only the best haircut in Fort Bragg, but probably in the whole of the USA!
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I bought some supplies and walked back to the campsite, stopping on the beach on the way back for a "picnic". My legs may not have had a rest today, but they had a rest from cycling, and I am ready to hit the road again tomorrow. The sun shone all day today, and I went out without any sun cream. Oops. I'll have to take extra care of the tops of my ears and head for a few days.

Picnic time
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