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August 21, 2012

Steady Brook to Pasadena

My going to bed last night was delayed by my campsite neighbours "insisting" that I join them for a beer and a chat, and I didn't feel in a position to refuse. Subsequently my departure this morning was slightly delayed too. Oh well. My first stop of the day was Tim Hortons, about 300 feet away, to check for an important email. It had arrived, and instead of continuing west, I now had to return to Deer Lake. First I had to go to Corner Brook, to the bike shop.

Riding in to Corner Brook along the Trans Canada Highway.
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The view from Riverside Drive on the way into Corner Brook.
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Cycle Solutions is a great bike shop with a wide range of products, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was after a pair of jockey wheels for the rear deraileur, which they took off another bike to get me going. I had a tear developing in the back of one of my cycling shoes, and was able to have this repaired straight away at a shoe repairers. Whilst chatting to them I mentioned the tear in my tent, and they agreed to look at this, so first I found some grass to dry it out on. When I returned with the dry tent they looked, and said that although they would be happy to repair it, they thought a seamstress would be able to make a stronger repair, and spent 15 minutes on the phone finding one who was able to repair it today.

Now that's what I call a snow plough!
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I now had to leave Corner Brook, a city with a great feel and where I encountered nothing but friendly people, and ride to Pasadena, back along the road I had ridden yesterday, but in much better weather conditions so I was able to appreciate the lovely scenery. The seamstress made a great repair to the tent whilst I sat by the river in the sunshine drying out yesterdays wet clothing and having a cup of tea. Although I have been going round in circles the past few days, I have achieved a lot, and am now ready for the next chapter in this journey, starting tomorrow.

Today's ride: 36 miles (58 km)
Total: 6,987 miles (11,244 km)

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