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August 20, 2012

Somewhere before Wiltondale to Steady Brook

The first cup of tea of the day is always the best, especially when enjoyed with views like these.
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I think moose are great. Apparently they are dangerous animals, and cause lots of motoring accidents, although I think it is probably the vehicles being driven too fast and inattentively that is the real danger. Anyway, as a result of these "dangerous" animals liking to stray on to the roads during darkness there is next to no traffic on the roads at night in Newfoundland. If you are camping in a picnic shelter close to the road as I was last night, it means a peaceful uninterrupted nights sleep, which is great!

These non crazyguyonabike guys are crazy.
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Fully refreshed, I woke and had a good laugh with my two mad motorcycling Quebecois friends before they rode off into the distance, then rode off into the distant distance myself (in the opposite direction). I passed a campground (almost) on the outskirts of Deer Lake, and made full use of their showering facilities (unnoticed) before going to the information centre to use their wifi. Before even getting off my bike I noticed three other touring cyclists, so went for a chat, and was told about an unusual and interesting route to St John's avoiding a lot of the Trans Canada Highway, which seeing as I had just ridden my first mile of it since Espanola in Ontario many weeks ago sounded very appealing. Watch this space.

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Blog updated, I had to eat before grocery shopping to avoid buying more than I could carry, then rode through the recently started rain which was very heavy at times, and busy competing with the many trucks also trying to disprove the theory that skin is waterproof. When I got to Steady Brook I headed straight for the Tim Hortons for a couple of doughnuts and a tea to wash them down, and by the time I had finished the campsite office was deserted. If I get away in good time in the morning...

It rains so much in Newfoundland that it's not uncommon for store owners to turn their stores into arks.
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I got chatting straight away to Trevor and his fiancee Chrisie who told me where to go (with the tent), then came over with a beer, and before I knew what was happening I had an invitation to stay with them on PEI. The people around here are great, they are SO friendly.

I've now had a second shower (no I am not setting a precedent), done some laundry - again, and filled my stomach with pasta suprise. It must be time to climb into my sleeping bag, or as Kate would say "fart sack", and have the rain sing me to sleep.

Today's ride: 57 miles (92 km)
Total: 6,951 miles (11,187 km)

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