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August 18, 2012

Portland Creek Pond to Norris Point

Maybe it is something about the people who drive at weekends, but there were more than the normal quota of arseholes on the road today. One guy nearly pulled out on me at a junction (an almost forgivable mistake), but then wouldn't even make eye contact or try to apologise for his mistake. There were also a few of the motoring equivalent of thugs coming up behind defenceless old ladies with walking sticks and shouting at them before running away, in other words people that pass far too closely and sound their horn at the moment they pass before disappearing in a fog of exhaust fumes. These are the worst and most cowardly idiots on the road, and if any of them are reading this, feel free to pull over and I will explain why I ride 18" (50cm) from the rideable edge of the tarmac regardless of where the white line is.

Sitting under one of the arches listening to the waves crashing, at the Arches Provincial Park.
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A scruffy smelly tramp of a cyclist cluttering up the Arches Provincial Park.
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Rant over, today was another good day. I stopped at the roadside about midday to watch a moose, and noticed an unusually busy car park. Wandering what all the fuss was about I went to investigate, and in doing so got chatting to a lady who offered me granola bars - which I declined, then offered me a cold beer - which I definitely did not decline. She also offered me a place to stay at St John's, wow these Newfies are friendly people.

Like an angel suddenly appearing from nowhere, my beer donor. Very tasty too.
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Even my bike has to stop and admire the views sometimes.
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After checking out Rocky Harbour, a disappointing seaside town much like many other seaside towns, I went to Norris Point at the suggestion of my lovely beer donor, but unable to find anywhere suitable to discreetly put my tent headed back inland and ended up at the KOA where I made full use of the wifi and comfy chairs in the reception area, which was a welcome relief from the sound of the generators powering the "can't do without" gadgets in the monstrous trailer (caravan) moored up next to me. This high horse of mine is getting higher and higher...

The long Range Mountains.
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Today's ride: 66 miles (106 km)
Total: 6,868 miles (11,053 km)

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