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September 11, 2012

Shaking hands with Hurricane Leslie in St Vincent's.

Even though this is a cycling journal and I haven't even seen my bike today, the fact that I was in the path of a hurricane seems to make an entry worthwhile. The roof of the B&B was creaking in the night, and the light was swinging on its cable, with the worst of the wind being about 6am. By 0830 I could take it no longer, and Kate and I crept out (to avoid worrying Rita, the Landlady) to see what was happening.

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After fighting through the wind to the breakwater by the beach I did my best to photograph the happenings. It was made tricky by the water flying everywhere, and the small stones pebble-dashing my head (I had to take off my hat before it blew away). Exhausted but exhiliarated we returned to the B&B, but couldn't stay in long, and were out again by 12ish, by which time the wind had subsided slightly, but the waves had got bigger and were occasionally breaking over the road.

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As well as an endless supply of tea bags (power went off a few times, but not for long, so the kettle could be boiled often), Rita and Ned's B&B has wifi, so today has been a good opportunity to catch up with the journal, emails and other matters surfacing their heads now that my return to (ab)normal life is approaching.

Dinner with Rita and Ned.
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Rita asked if we would like to join them for dinner - well who could refuse the chance to eat off a plate with a knife and fork with such good company. If anyone out there is planning a trip to Newfoundland and thinks of coming down the Avalon Peninsula, I can't recommend the Whale Song B&B enough. If you come in July or August you will almost certainly see plenty of whales coming very close to the shore thanks to the sharply sloping stone beach, but whenever you decide to come, you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome here.

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