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September 12, 2012

St Vincent's to Placentia

Today was a total contrast to yesterday. The sky was blue with barely a cloud to be seen, and there was very little wind (for Newfoundland). If it wasn't for the fallen trees and damaged buildings you wouldn't believe that a tropical storm (it was reclassified as the wind speed had dropped from hurricane strength) had passed through the day before.

Looking back across Holyrood Pond to St Vincent's and the Sea beyond.
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The mornings ride to New Bridge was great, with a gently following wind, hills and beautiful scenery. Lunch was had whilst sitting on a stone beach watching some seals in the water, and a shrew running around our feet looking for crumbs. He soon realised that this was futile - I don't waste any of my food!

I found a nice quiet spot to spend the night in Placentia. This was the last night to be spent in Newfoundland since arriving over a month ago, and in fact it is the longest time that I have spent in any Province, even more so than Ontario, which says something about "The Rock", with its rugged and varied landscape, and the great people that live here.

My camera got quite damp yesterday in the storm and I have been trying to dry it out, so very few photos were taken today.

Today's ride: 39 miles (63 km)
Total: 7,643 miles (12,300 km)

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