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September 25, 2012

Linwood to Inverness

After eating last night a light rain shower started, so I went into the tent. As the evening wore on the rain got heavier and heavier, and the wind blew hard. As a result of this my sleep was disturbed quite a lot so I switched the alarm off and had a lazy start to the day. This turned out to be a good move as the morning was beautiful with clear blue skies and a crisp breeze - ideal for drying things out.

Although regular readers will know that I hate to go on the Trans Canada Highway, there was no alternative for 3 miles this morning in order to cross the Canso Causeway and get onto Cape Breton Island. Before too long I had bought groceries at Port Hawkesbury, and headed towards the Cabot Trail, although being me I didn't do it in the normal way. Thomas had told me of a rail trail hugging the coast which I took. The surface was good most of the way, but some sections were in need of improvement, but nothing my Schwalbe tyres couldn't cope with, and the scenery and quiet trail made up for it.

The rail trail, where the only other users I saw was one couple on an ATV (quad bike).
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Lunch stop on the trail.
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Evidence of last nights heavy rain fall.
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I found a bench at the St Michael's Pioneer Cemetery to have lunch, with beautiful views over the ocean. When I finally got going again, and eventually rejoined the road, the traffic wasn't too bad (by Nova Scotian standards), and I arrived at the Inverness Beach Village soon after 5, meaning that it was a rush to get everything done before it got dark soon after 7. It is a rather tired, neglected and overpriced place which no doubt keeps in business due solely to its location.

The view at the campsite (showing the best part only)!
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Sunset at Inverness.
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I must get up early again tomorrow morning...

Today's ride: 70 miles (113 km)
Total: 8,071 miles (12,989 km)

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