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September 2, 2012

Swift Current to Bellevue

It was a cold night with clear skies and a bright moon last night, but the cold nights make sleep far easier than the hot ones of Ontario. After another lazy start (the speed of departure in the mornings reduces significantly as the number of cyclists in the group increases), we reluctantly made our way to the Trans Canada Highway, as there was no way of avoiding it for a while.

Swift Current.
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Lunch turned out to be a snack stop in the sunshine at a gas station, so by mid afternoon I was feeling hungry and weak, but when we pulled into the Jack's Pond Campsite it was forgotten in an effort to escape and get to somewhere less hideous.

Arnold's Cove, where we stopped for groceries.
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At the first opportunity we were off the Trans Canada, and immediately things took on a better feel. We stopped at a stream to fill up on water prior to looking for a wild camping spot when Jeff turned up in his car. He had earlier knocked down a bird with his car (accidentally), and put it in his car to eat when he got home, but when he opened it up it was alive, so had come out to release it in the wild. After chatting for a while he suggested that we camp at the nearby Bellevue Beagle Club House, which had a pit toilet and fast running stream nearby.

Jeff and his wife, and Emily (the introvert) who can never miss the opportunity of getting into a photograph.
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Shortly afterwards, he returned with a large container of drinking water (being concerned about beaver fever), and some of his wife's "world famous chocolate chip cookies". These Newfies are great people!

Bellevue Beagle Club.
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Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 7,357 miles (11,840 km)

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