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July 4, 2012

White River to Wawa

Kate and I recently had a discussion about the most stupid vehicles on the road - see her blog at http://katebikes.wordpress.com/ - Right on cue, an RV (recreational vehicle) towing a boat passed by with only a few inches to spare. Not only did I empty my air horn on it, but when I saw it in a layby later on, I went to explain the error of his ways, in a polite and calm way, of course.

Riding together to Wawa.
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Kim and Debbie joined us again at the layby, and we all rode together to Wawa, chatting and messing about on the way, and stopping for lunch and a swim at a lake en-route. Lynx are very shy and seldom seen animals in Canada, but today we saw one and it hung around long enough for it's photo to be taken.

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As a result of the large birds often spotted in town, the local roofer is kept very busy.
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Wawa means goose in one of the native Canadian tongues, I think, and there were many giant specimens gracing the town, although there was no wifi to be found anywhere. Cody however managed to put things in perspective when he talked a grocery store from throwing a box of trout filets out as the sell by date had arrived, and was given them. They were cooked at a great wild camping spot by the Michipicoten River, which had fabulous swimming (in leiu of showers).

Perfect swimming spot.
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After lots of food and an early night I hope to be less grumpy tomorrow.

Today's ride: 65 miles (105 km)
Total: 4,493 miles (7,231 km)

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