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July 5, 2012

Wawa to Montreal River

After a good sleep I was ready for the day ahead, or so I thought. Shortly after starting we saw Old Woman Bay. Seeing as Kate is doing her ride across Canada to celebrate turning 40, a swim in the lake named after her seemed the only thing to do. Little did I know that karma would soon have it's turn to laugh at me, as we rounded a corner and saw a sign for Baldhead River.

An old woman at Old Woman Bay.
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And a baldhead at Baldhead River.
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It was a very hot day, and the head winds were strong, which when mixed with a generous helping of hills meant that I was soon cooked, and it was a struggle to limp into the Lake Superior Provincial Park information centre. Coffee, energy bars, cold water and an hour in the air conditioned comfort of the visitor centre soon had my spirits back to normal levels, even if my energy was still slightly lacking, but that was corrected soon enough wheen we got to a store just outside Montreal River which sells ice cream.

Ice cream, a dietary staple for the cyclist.
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Finally feeling restored, and having satisfied a 24 hour craving for ice cream, we found a great camping spot on the beach. In fact, it was such a beautiful spot (and a pebble beach) that the tent didn't come out, and I slept soundly under the stars, after a beach campfire watching the just past a full moon setting.

Cooking on the beach.
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Sitting by the fire, watching the sun set.
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Today's ride: 69 miles (111 km)
Total: 4,562 miles (7,342 km)

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