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August 1, 2012

Baie-St-Paul to Baie-Ste-Catherine

Today has been a day of WOW'S. It must have been the most spoken word for the whole day. There were some big hills today on the back road to La Malbaie. That meant some slow gringing up them, often in the Granny gear, and some great descents, with one of them setting a new personal fastest speed, 52mph. The scenery was also spectacular. I know that the last few days I have mentioned the scenery lots, but this north shore section of the St Lawrence River really is top class stuff.

This is the sign at the top of the 52mph hill. Yeaaah!
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Roadside view from the quiet but hilly back road.
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As we dropped into Ste Irenee the first thing that I noticed whilst trying to control the bike over a rough section of steep downhill was the sudden drop in temperature, to a comfortable and very welcome one. The second thing I noticed was the smell of seaweed and the sound of the seagulls. After more than 2 months away from it i'm not too far from the sea now.

A great lunch spot at La Malbaie.
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When we got to Saint Simeon it was time to say goodbye to Kate. I first met her in Forget, Saskatchewan in the middle of June, and have ridden with her and been in her company almost all of the time since - except for waiting for her at the top of every hill between there and here! She has been great company, a good guide having travelled around much of Canada, and a passable interpreter since arriving in Quebec, although she should have tried harder with the 2 hotties in the Westfalia we met at a gas station today. It was a sad time when it was time to say goodbye, and the best way to deal with it was to ride another 20 hilly and scenic miles to a campsite at Baie-Ste-Catherine, the Camping Du Fjord.

And then there was 1.
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Today's ride: 74 miles (119 km)
Total: 5,919 miles (9,526 km)

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