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August 2, 2012

Baie-Ste-Catherine to Forestville

After a good night in the well maintained Camping du Fjord I was on the road again, riding through the early morning mist to the ferry terminal. There had been rain in the night, and the temperature has dropped noticeably now that I am so close to the water. If there's one thing better than a ferry whilst on a bike tour, it's a free ferry, which is what today's one was.

The ferry from Baie-Ste-Catherine to Tadoussac.
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I stopped up with groceries whilst in Tadoussac, not knowing what to expect, but there were lots of services on the road today. There were also lots of oversize trucks on the road, more than I can remember on any other stretch of road in Canada, and as there was often little or no shoulder I pulled well over onto the gravel side more than once, just to be safe.

Eeny meeny miney mo...
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Jacquie GaudetOkay, that clinches it! I need to get myself to Québec!
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8 months ago
Tim HathawayYes Jacquie, Quebec is a great province to ride in - good food everywhere, beer is available almost everywhere, courteous drivers, a great biking network (Route Vert, I think)...
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8 months ago
Although most of the trucks are driven courteously,
I have worryingly seen a few with these "Ben Hur" style wheel nut covers on.
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I had had a lovely tail wind pushing me along, and after I stopped for a second lunch at an info centre, a rainless storm passed overhead with lots of thunder and lightening, and left a head wind behind it.

Like a scene from "War of the Worlds", I passed a troop of these strange tractor hoovers at the side of the road today.
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By the time I reached Forestville I had had enough, and found the Camping de la Baie-Verte. I had a great spot on a raised wooden deck, surrounded by wild blueberries, and with a lovely view of the bay, and all this for $12! Needless to say I had a swim in the bay before attempting to fill the bottomless pit that is my stomach.

Camping at La Baie-Vert in Forestville.
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Today's ride: 75 miles (121 km)
Total: 5,994 miles (9,646 km)

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