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September 5, 2012

Bay Roberts to Brigus

Today was sort of like a rest day that was enforced upon us by the need to catch up on journals and blogs. Even after yesterdays 3 hours in the library there was still lots more to do, and so it was finally 4 o'clock when we left the library for the last time - in clean clothes having also managed some laundry.

Many locals had enthused about Brigus, a small town not far away on the shore with some beautiful houses built in a typical Newfoundland style, so it was to the Riverside Campground in Brigus that we headed. "Riverside" was a bit of an optimistic claim, perhaps "Small Trickling Stream Campground" would have been more appropriate, but it was a good place to spend the night, and there was a good supply of firewood which helped to overcome the chill in the evening.

Seeing as I didn't take any pictures today, this one is of the four of us leaving tomorrow morning.
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Today's ride: 10 miles (16 km)
Total: 7,439 miles (11,972 km)

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