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September 6, 2012

Brigus to St John's

We were up and away unusually early today. I am sure it was Brent and Emily's enthusiasm for reaching the end of their journey, which was rubbing off on the rest of us. Before leaving Brigus we had to take a look around as we hadn't seen anything of the town last night.

Looking out to sea from Brigus.
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Brigus scene.
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It seems that I have become tired of changing gear lately, and I rode around Brigus without changing gear, despite all the hills. I then thought "this is fun", so continued. It wasn't made easier by all the hills, and progress on the flats was slow, but it made it easier than stopping for the others to catch up. I soon decided to not change gear all day, but was thwarted at Conception Bay South, after 33 miles, when the traffic due to the rush hour and proximity to the city made it impractical to continue (and possibly unsafe too).

Lunch stop.
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The road signs as we approached St John's got worse and worse, so in an effort to actually reach our destination we decided to swallow pride and join the Trans Canada Highway for 3 or 4 junctions. A car pulled up in front of us and the driver got out, obviously wanting to speak to us. As I got closer I recognised him as Jeff, the guy who had shown us where to camp on Sunday evening. We chatted a while, and he invited us out tomorrow evening. These Newfies are unbelievable.

Finally... St John's!
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Today's ride: 48 miles (77 km)
Total: 7,487 miles (12,049 km)

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