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September 8, 2012

St John's to Ferryland

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I guess that many people would consider that having reached St John's my trip across Canada is now completed. However, I missed 3 provinces out by going up the north shore of the St Lawrence River, and my house is rented out until the end of October, so i'll keep on pedalling. Kate, who I have pedalled with nearly all the time since the middle of June will catch the ferry from Argentia to Nova Scotia to stay with family for a while. As she is also keen to cycle the Irish Loop, and as there is also space for me on the ferry, Ferryland seems an appropriate destination for someone who has taken somewhere in the region of 30 ferries so far.

St John's. Hilly even by Newfoundland's standards.
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Yesterday was a day spent off the bikes, in St John's, and after 10 days in the company of Emily and Brent, we said goodbye to them. Whilst in St John's I bought a new pair of cycling shoes as my sandals are falling apart, and I didn't want to be struggling to get some size 48's in a small town somewhere.

Right on cue, at Witless Bay the standard of driving deteriorated rapidly. Thank goodness for the air horn which bought a couple of drivers rapidly back to reality.

Company at the harbour.
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At an information centre in Ferryland we were able to fill up with water before setting up the tents. One of the problems we are having to adjust to is the earlier onset of darkness. It is dark by 8pm now - I think I should start setting an alarm clock to wake up when still dark, so the most can be made of the day.

Camping at the harbour in Ferrytown.
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Today's ride: 51 miles (82 km)
Total: 7,538 miles (12,131 km)

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