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September 9, 2012

Ferryland to Trepassey

When I arrived in Newfoundland I didn't have any real plans or a timetable. The fact that I am still here 4 weeks later tells a story. In case I haven't mentioned so before, or in case you missed it, it is a great province filled with great people.

Pan fried fresh cod. Mmmm...
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Early this morning (I am not sure of the time) when it was still very dark, I heard vehicles and then peoples voices. It was some local fishermen meeting up before going out. When I eventually got my lazy arse out of my sleeping bag, I saw Kate chatting to some of the returned fishermen, who offered us some of their catch. Breakfast today was pan fried as fresh as it comes cod fillets. Delicious.

Making the most of a discarded chair at the roadside, and giving my legs a well earned rest after climbing yet another hill.
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The ride today to Trespassey was leisurely (there's lots of time to get to Argentia for the Tuesday ferry), through some beautiful barren land with the hills and the wind for company. This is cycling at its best in my opinion. The day was finished with pasta and more of the fresh cod. Once again, delicious.

Newfoundland's beautiful rocky coastline.
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Today's ride: 45 miles (72 km)
Total: 7,583 miles (12,204 km)

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