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May 31, 2012

Midway to Christina Lake

After some rain in the night (or had I put the tent too close to the sprinkler?) I packed away a wet tent and was on the road before 8 intent on finding a laundromat. Fortunately there was one in the first place I came to - Greenwood, Canada's smallest city. Unfortunately it was closed, even though according to the posted times it should have been open. Fortunately the owner came to open up before I had finished my coffee and ridden on. Unfortunately I didn't have enough change. Fortunately the guy had some...

Downtown Greenwood.
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Next came Eholt Pass, the highpoint of the day - geographically speaking, although mentally speaking it was a lowpoint of the day. I didn't even realise it was a pass until I saw the sign announcing it, having ridden up in the middle chainring with ease, and the descent was just as uninspiring, managing a measley top speed of only 38.5mph, and that was with my nose nearly touching the handlebars I was tucked in so much.

Today's pass (?)
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At the bottom was Grand Forks, a town which made up for the earlier disappointment. After meeting Curtis at the supermarket, then filling up with groceries, I met an interesting guy on a bike who showed me a good park to eat lunch at. I was able to adjust his bike to get it to fit him better, in a way repaying a small amount of the kindness everyone has been showing me. After lunch I went to downtown Grand Forks for a cup of tea, and got chatting to a very interesting guy who had been admiring my bike.

A storm threatened, so I made a fast exit, only to get caught by it after a short while, so took shelter in the eaves of a shop. When it had passed I rode the short distance to the Christina Lake Village Campground where Curtis, Pascal and I had agreed to meet up again. On the way I saw signs for the Trans Canada Trail, so decided to take a look, and was rewarded with a bridge over a gorgeous gorge with the Kettle River flowing through.

Biking over the gorgeous gorge.
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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 2,323 miles (3,739 km)

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