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May 13, 2012


The early morning light awoke me in time to see the sun rise above Frost Island, then I crawled back into bed and slept until a more normal time for a day off. Although, when I say day off, I mean a day away from the paniers, as the day was spent exploring the island by bike.

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I know everywhere always looks better on a sunny day, which is exactly what today was, but this really is a perfect place to cycle. The roads are smooth, the traffic virtually non-existant, and what you do see is very courteous and friendly, with just about every vehicle waving, and the views are magnificent. The terrain is gentle hills, with pasture land and woods. It reminded me of cycling in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. There are a couple of stores on the island, restaurants and coffee shops, a library giving out wifi even when closed, and although the State Park Campground doesn't have showers, there is one in Lopez Village, provided by The Chamber of Commerce. All in all, a perfect day, spoilt only by having to pay more for the campsite by the waters edge than a hiker/biker site stuck in the trees, but then made much better by the addition of Nigel and Chelsea (also touring the San Juan's by bike) who split the cost of the site and provided excellent company.

Perfect cycling roads.
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Local scene
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Today is Mothers Day in the USA, even though it isn't back home in England, Happy Mothers Day Muv.

Today's ride: 32 miles (51 km)
Total: 1,511 miles (2,432 km)

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