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June 14, 2012

Assiniboia to Trossachs

Before I got to them, people were telling me that the prairies will be flat and boring. Kim spent lots of time cursing the flat this morning, or should I say cursing the flats (punctures), 3 of them. As we were about to leave the campsite he noticed the first, so repaired it then. After a roadside stop when he said he would catch up, the second one appeared, and we only knew about it when a school bus driver pulled up alongside and told us about it, and of Kim's request not to head back, he would catch up. When he did catch up with us, waiting at the roadside by an antiquated piece of farm machinery, number 3 had appeared. Finally the culprit was found, a tiny piece of wire stuck in the tyre, and since it has been removed, there have been no more flats.

Antique farm machinery at the roadside. (The one in the rear of the picture)
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Whilst Debbie and I were waiting for Kim, an RV came back to check that everything was OK with us. This is a typical response of people on the prairies who seem genuinely concerned and interested in everyone passing through, and is a welcome relief from the attitudes in many large towns or cities.

I'm not sure of it's proper name, but saw lots of these colourful "yellow headed black birds".
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The top speed reached today was 42mph. There was a tailwind, but that's an impossible speed to reach fully loaded on the flat, even with the wind, so it should give an indication of the rolling countryside we passed through. In fact, today's average speed was a whopping 17mph, so when people say these prairies are windy, that is one thing you can believe.

Later in the afternoon a rabbit was spotted running across a field, then shortly afterwards a coyote ran across the road, downwind from the rabbit, chasing his dinner.

Trossachs campsite.
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A big black cloud was fast approaching from behind, so we pulled into the hamlet of Trossachs to find some shelter from the rain, and stumbled upon a village campground complete with washrooms and running water, so decided that was far enough for the day, and set up for the night. Trossachs has a population of only about 50, and we must have met nearly half of them during our stay there. Again, a great community with some really interesting people living there who were rightly proud of their surroundings.

A Saskatchewan sunset, seen from Trossachs.
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Today's ride: 87 miles (140 km)
Total: 3,258 miles (5,243 km)

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