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June 15, 2012

Trossachs to Forget

In the prairies it can be tricky finding somewhere to get connected to the internet (in fact it can be tricky finding anything as everything is so widely spaced out) which means that the journal can't always be updated daily (don't worry Mum, remember that no news is good news). However, this can mean that I struggle to remember the exact details of what happened a couple of days ago.

Based on this, I think that the sun shone as we rode into Weyburn. This is where I last got some wifi, then replaced my second pair of broken sunglasses and bought a case for the third pair, the Dollar Store did well out of me today! After groceries and lunch it was laundry time. By now it had started to rain hard, and the next 40 miles were done with an improvised waterproof helmet cover - supermarket carrier bags have many uses!

In front of a Saskatchewan scrapyard. More broken tractors than you could shake a stick at.
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A few weeks ago, Kim had met Kate in Grand Forks, who is also cycling to Newfoundland. We met up with her today in Forget, apparently a village named in French, not after someone with a poor memory. After a beautiful restaurant dinner (no, not pasta) we camped out in her friends garden, having been warned of a prowling skunk the night before.

The Happy Nun, fantastic food when least expected.
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Today's ride: 67 miles (108 km)
Total: 3,325 miles (5,351 km)

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