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July 10, 2012

Sowerby to Espanola

Most days on the road the vast majority of drivers are courteous and considerate, and you will perhaps encounter one arsehole who will deliberately pass too close, even when there is room to move over, or maybe the driver will sound the horn just as they are passing, in an attempt to scare you. Today was different. They were all out. I am not sure if it is a result of being on the Trans Canada Highway, or because we are now closer to southern Ontario, but after today's ride, I vowed to stay off the Trans Canada for the duration of this trip - well, except for in Newfoundland where there is NO alternative.

Kate eventually builds up enough speed to pass something on the road.
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On a more optimistic note, we passed through Blind River today, the birthplace of Neil Young. Also had the best soft serve ice cream of the trip so far, in the most unlikely location, in Massey. After so much excitement, and to cool off after such a hot day, a beer stop in Webbwood was in order.

It's beer o'clock.
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A boat launch (slipway) sign is as good as a campsite sign to me, there is always somewhere to swim and normally somewhere to put a tent, and the boat launch in Espanola was no exception, with the Spanish River to swim and cool off in (and a good substitute shower too). As the sun set, the beautiful colours it made made even the local pulp mill look attractive.

The pulp mill looking less than it's normal unappealing self in the light of the setting sun.
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And the other, more appealing side of the Spanish River, this time in the early(ish) morning light.
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Today's ride: 86 miles (138 km)
Total: 4,804 miles (7,731 km)

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