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July 11, 2012

Espanola to Sheguiandah

Although it appeared pretty unappealing on the outside, it took most of the morning to extract ourselves from the sticky grip of Espanola. Having cycled less than a mile we were sat down at The Rodger Rabbit having a second well deserved (?) breakfast. When we called into a mall so I could buy some elastic to repair the cuff on a cycling jacket we saw a bike with some home made front paniers, and shortly afterwards met Gus, it's rider, and the ex proprieter of the now closed bike shop in town, a colourful guy who was able to provide some useful information on cycling Manitoulin Island, today's destination. Last stop was Canadian Tire, a considerably bigger store than it's small cousin in Nipigon, so Kate could buy some padding for her arse of now diminished proportions (apparently). Whilst there I scored a major victory, buying a stainless steel camping wok - my army issue mess tins have shrunk since the start of the trip - or has my appetite spiralled out of control...

En route to Manitoulin Island, coming down one of the many hills on this pretty and much quieter road.
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Passing over the swing bridge into Little Current marked our entry onto Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world, and large enough to have many lakes of it's own, some of which also have islands, and possibly even lakes too. It was by now getting late, and very hot, so after buying some groceries we headed straight to the harbour for some shade. One of Kate's many friends who is driving from B.C. to Quebec joined us for the afternoon, and after lots of swimming, chatting and tea drinking we said goodbye and headed off to Sheguiandah (sounds like shaky window) to find a campsite.

The swing bridge closing after letting the boats pass.
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After loading the washing machine and going for another swim I set about the serious task of christening the new wok before settling down to a rather disturbed nights sleep. The wild camping spots always seem to be the most peaceful places to sleep...

Christening the new wok, and almost losing the wooden spoon in the process.
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Today's ride: 41 miles (66 km)
Total: 4,845 miles (7,797 km)

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