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May 17, 2012

San Juan Island

Not only do the San Juan islands have poor internet coverage at the moment, but they also despite the obvious fact that there seems to be water nearly everywhere, have a shortage of fresh potable water. This is probably why the campsites don't have showers, but enough is enough, when you notice how badly you are smelling it is time to do something about it. Todays mission was to clean myself and my clothes - a relatively easy task as there were showers and a laundromat at the Roche Harbor Resort at the north west tip of the island. Having accomplished this, but failed to find any free wifi, I was leaving town when I bumped into an English couple, Rog and Dee, on the final leg of their round the world trip - check out there blog at Half an hour later, having agreed to meet up at the campsite later on I left. Again.

It's a crap job, but someone has to do it.
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Rog and Dee
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On the way back I passed the English Camp, an historic spot worthy of a look, and a good place for a lunch stop, before heading back to the campsite.

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Back at the tent I was going to use the rest of the day doing chores, but was interupted by Chelsea, as she and Nigel had caught up again. Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent chatting and chilling, with Rog and Dee joining us later. I saw my first otter ever swimming in the bay, Nigel lit a campfire using a piece of resin encrusted bark - a great trick, then we watched the best sunset of the trip so far. A fitting end to my journey through the State of Washington and the USA.

Sunset overlooking Low Island and Vancouver Island.
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Today's ride: 24 miles (39 km)
Total: 1,620 miles (2,607 km)

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