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June 6, 2012

(Unscheduled) rest day in Sparwood

Well, Curtis was right, the bears didn't come to devour us last night, and I did sleep soundly too, so well that I didn't hear him leaving early this morning as I was still fast asleep blocking the noise of the non stop rain from my ears.

And this is supposed to be summer...
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When I did finally venture out of my warm(ish) tent the place was deserted, although I later found Pascal cowering from the wind and rain in the covered picnic area, which is where I joined him, complete with tent and bike, and where we stayed for another 24 hours. Having a day to ourselves was needed by my clothes if nothing else, who just about walked themselves to the laundromat. If I said the rest of the day was spent doing bike maintenance and odd jobs i'd be lying. The temperature when we rode into Sparwood this morning was 3 celcius, and you could see the fresh snow on the treetops on the hills not much higher than the 1100m we are currently at. Brrrrr. We spent as long as we could in the laundromat before rushing to the grocery store which was also lovely and warm. In the afternoon we went to the sports centre for a sauna and hot tub, where unfortunately the bus load of Swedish nurses we had asked for had not turned up, and rounded the day off at the restaurant over the road next to the Motel that wouldn't have been as much fun as camping. I did however oil my chain.

OK ladies, control yourselves. Getting ALL the washing done at the lovely warm washautomat.
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No trip to Sparwood would be complete without a close up of the Worlds Largest Truck (allegedly).
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...and from a distance.
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The temperature has dropped since this morning, and my sleeping bag is calling me...

Today's ride: 10 miles (16 km)
Total: 2,631 miles (4,234 km)

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