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June 7, 2012

Sparwood to Lethbridge

Today was one of my best days of riding ever. My jaw is aching from smiling so much.

The temperature as I went through Sparwood was 4 Celcius, but it felt much colder, with a bitter wind slicing through all my layers of clothing. The climb up to the Crowsnest Pass didn't do much to warm me up, it was only a short climb where I didn't even come off the middle chainring. Dropping down into Alberta however, the skies seemed to be much bluer, a welcome relief after the last 36 hours.

A last look at The Rockies in B.C.
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Not only were the skies getting bluer, but there was some downhill, and there was a tailwind. It was not uncommon to be going along flat sections at 25mph. As I came out of the mountains it was with mixed feelings, sadness at leaving the climbs and the beauty of the mountains behind me, and at the same time excitement at reaching the start of the prairies and their wide open spaces and their own beauty.

Only 0825, and still cold, but now in Alberta.
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A last look back at the Rocky Mountains.
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Being a keen supporter of "alternative" energy I was pleased at last to see some wind farms, which started at Crowley edge and continued for the day. It amazes me that all the way up the US coast with their strong and predictable winds they have no wind generators at all. Shame on them! It was soon obvious why they put them where they did, as side winds tried their best to blow me into the road - fortunately the shoulders are very wide in Alberta, and in good condition.

Wind turbines on the Crowley Edge.
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The tail wind continued to help me on my way to Lethbridge, which by contrast to this mornings temperatures was 26 Celcius at 5pm. Pascal and I had arranged to stay with a warm showers host - for those who have never heard of this, warmshowers is a website where cycle tourists can arrange to stay with fellow cycle tourists, and it is normal to reciprocate this arrangement. Ron and Elsp Teather set the bar really high on my first time being hosted, they really did look after us well and were great company. Thanks guys.

Today's ride: 117 miles (188 km)
Total: 2,748 miles (4,422 km)

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