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August 5, 2012

Port Cartier to Moisie

Unlike last Sunday I didn't see any yard sales or people chopping firewood today - probably as the population is so thinly spread out here, and what little there is is a way from the main (only) road. As you've probably guessed, I did see lots of motorcycles again today, although the biggest contrast of the day was the cyclists I saw. Between Port Cartier and Sept-Iles I saw, rode with and chatted to 2 road cyclists, who couldn't have been better company. As I approached Sept-Iles I saw a group of triathletes by the side of the road doing what looked to be a training session. The best I could manage from them was a reluctant "bonjour" before they turned their backs on me. Is this a problem with all triathletes?

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The wind today was a head wind. All day. Getting stronger as the day progressed. I spent nearly 5 hours at Sept-Iles catching up with wifi, and buying a new netbook charger as well as as many groceries as I could carry. The final section to the Camping de la Riviere Moisie, at Moisie, was very slow and very hard, and it was a rush to get set up and fed before it became dark, which is happening earlier all the time now. Fortunately I had bought ingredients for a curry, so a bad day was instantly transformed, finishing in a good one. There seems to be a storm brewing, and some of the other campers at the site have warned of rain tonight.

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Today's ride: 62 miles (100 km)
Total: 6,233 miles (10,031 km)

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