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June 23, 2012

Rushing River Provincial Park to Sioux Narrows

Today was a day of breakdowns. Fortunately only mechanical ones - the only type I can deal with.

It has been great fun travelling with Kate, she's always up for most things, and is a good laugh, but last night she was complaining that the days are too long, especially now that we are back in the hills (she likes to be in her tent by 2). We agreed that today would be a shorter day, but neither of us anticipated it being quite so short.

Our new road.
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Kate complained about a soggy rear end (on the bike), and was going slower than usual up the hills, so it was no suprise to find a puncture. Being a Rohloff hub it was a little trickier than normal, and after improvising a new rim tape and fixing a broken spoke found another broken one, but there were no spares left. We made the wheel as round as possible and got another 2 miles up the road when we were stopped in our tracks by a picnic site and a lake. The motorists today must be praised for their helpful comments, like "get off the f%£?@*g road".

Whilst Kate removes her wheel and finds the puncture, I use my time wisely, and brew for two.
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After a swim and lunch we were just about to leave when Thomas, a German guy we had met yesterday pulled in. Fortunately he also had a Rohloff hub, 26" wheels, and some spare spokes. After buying one for the pricely sum of a cup of tea, the wheel was made as good as my limited wheel building skills would allow, and we were rolling again.

Thomas, purveyor of fine quality spokes.
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We raced the rain into Sioux Narrows, narrowly missing a soaking of biblical proportions, and spent an hour at the store shopping for groceries, drinking crap coffee and eating over packaged cinnamon buns before braving the almost finished rain for a whole 2 miles to the Tomohawk Resort where todays riding ended. There is a great beach here, so the 3rd swim in 24 hours didn't take long to happen, before an evening spent eating, blogging and doing laundry.

Check out Kate's version of recent events at

Today's ride: 34 miles (55 km)
Total: 3,818 miles (6,144 km)

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