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June 24, 2012

Sioux Narrows to Caliper Lake Provincial Park

Today was my turn for a breakdown, again it was fortunately only a mechanical one and not an emotional one. Whilst packing away my tent one of the poles cracked, but fortunately it was very close to the end so I was able to borrow a hacksaw, shorten the pole by 10mm to remove the damage, and cross my fingers that it would work. If I considered this to be bad luck, it was more than offset when one of the fishermen staying at the campground came over with a bowl of cooked Walleye Pike and some uncooked trout filets, wandering if we could help him out by taking them off his hands. Todays breakfast was extra tasty.

Riding with Thomas Kipp.
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Riding with Krazy Kate.
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After skypeing my daughter we eventually got on the road at 0845, by which time it was really beginning to get hot. After a fairly uneventful, but very hot 30 miles we pulled into the Caliper Lake Provincial Park for a swim and lunch. After a quick pow-wow it was decided that it was too good a place to leave, so found a site and got the tents up before we changed our minds. I had a productive afternoon cleaning my bike. Kate assures me that her sleep was also productive.

Lunch and swim stop at Caliper Lake.
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Waterside camping at Caliper Lake.
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The extra time on our hands allowed us to cook a feast of fried trout and boiled potatoes, and I spent the evening chatting to Tanya, a Doctor from Switzerland, driving her campervan across Canada for 4 months, which she has had shipped to Halifax for the journey. I also spotted some wild turtles swimming in the lake, the first time I had ever seen this. Ready for an early start to avoid the heat I was in bed by 9.

Fried trout and spuds, yum yum.
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Today's ride: 34 miles (55 km)
Total: 3,852 miles (6,199 km)

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