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August 29, 2012

Grey River to Francois

I know this is supposed to be a cycling journal, and that the day's total of 1 mile might seem pathetic (actually it was only half a mile, but I rounded it up), but it was up a steep boardwalk, as that is all that they have in Francois - there aren't even any pick-up's here. But that didn't take place until the afternoon, as the ferry didn't leave until 4ish. In the meantime there was a place to explored.

Waiting to leave.
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Whilst exploring, one of my Shimano cycling sandals broke. Not too much of a problem normally, but as they are my only pair of shoes it posed quite a problem. One of the great residents of Grey River gave me a piece of nylon twine which I was able to use to make a repair with, although how long it will last I don't know - where are Peg and Terry when you need them?

A typical address in these parts.
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Fortunately we were at the harbour in good time as the ferry left early - the crew got bored waiting, and it seems that the timetable is on Newfie time, which basically means that anything goes. When sailing into Francois, all that could be heard was exclamations of "WOW!" This place must be the most scenic that I have seen in the last 5 months. There are 3 steep cliffs surrounding the town, and again access is by sea only. The next ferry, from Francois onwards only sails early Thursday morning, so with only a little time at this great place, putting the tent up was left until nearly dark o'clock whilst some exploring was done.

Francois, pronounced France-way.
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The loo at the small campsite in Francois.
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More of Francois, I don't think it is possible to get too much of Francois!
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