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August 28, 2012

Burgeo to Grey River

If you've been reading this journal for a while you'll realise that as well as cycling I like going on ferries. I've lost count so far, but it's getting close to 30 ferry rides that i've been on, and the total is about to increase.

Marion and her mobile bakery.
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Kate, Perry, Emily, Brent and I.
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The day started leisurely as the daily ferry didn't leave until about 2pm, so after gorging on Marion's gorgeous bread, and chatting with Brent and Emily - the cyclists who showed up last night, and Perry - the coolest Park Ranger so far, we stocked up on groceries then made our way to the harbour, via Marion's place, for coffee. The first stop was Ramea, through some lumpy sea, before going to Grey River, our stop. Brent and Emily had also planned to travel the same route as us, so we had some new, fun and slightly whacky company.

Entering Grey River on the daily ferry.
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Grey River is encased by steep hills on 3 sides, and accessible only by sea. There are no roads, only concrete paths, and only 2 pick-up trucks in the town, although lots of quad bikes and snowmobiles. First stop was the village store, where we enquired about a place to put the tents, but as heavy rain was expected we were offered use of the Village Hall, which is right next to the school where the settlement's 13 children and 3 teachers go.

One of the busy pathways in Grey River.
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In the evening, after eating and playing cards we went for a walk around town, during a lapse in the rain. Some of the town's menfolk were chatting at the harbour, whilst the children were running freely, unsupervised, and playing hide and seek, which they continued to do until after I was asleep.

Grey River.
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Today's ride: 4 miles (6 km)
Total: 7,215 miles (11,611 km)

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