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October 24, 2012

Moira to Sheffield

After a disturbed nights sleep in the Youth Hostel (thanks to the snorer sharing the room) I was away just after it was light, at 8am. I had to pass through Burton-upon-Trent at rush hour, not a choice for the faint hearted, but after that was on much quieter roads again. Again the weather wasn't the best, with damp roads and mist, but the beautiful autumn rural scenes made up for it.

Beautiful autumn scenes like this were everywhere today.
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After a stop in Ashbourne, where I was unable to locate a wifi signal I could connect to, but was able to locate a good bakers and tea stop, I rode past Chatsworth House, which was almost invisible in the mist, and on to Calver to one of my favourite cafes.

These cows in the grounds of Chatsworth House need to reread their Highway Code.
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After a second lunch where I celebrated having just clocked 9,000 miles on this trip, I rode the last hill up to the moors before dropping down into Sheffield, my hometown, and where I rode away from what now seems like an eternity. I didn't have much of an opportunity to be nostalgic or to reflect on the last 6 months as the weather was by now atrocious, with thick mist, rain and a very strong headwind.

This is your last milestone picture Todd, taken as I clocked 9,000 miles.
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As I am now back home I suppose that the "trip" is over. I will not summarise it here, but will take a few days to gather my thoughts, and get some spare time, and will write a couple more pages to conclude. Thanks to everyone who has followed me this far, and keep your eyes open for the last couple of entries.

Today's ride: 63 miles (101 km)
Total: 9,011 miles (14,502 km)

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