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October 11, 2012

Windsor to Kentville

What I thought was a good place to put the tent last night turned out to be one of my poorer judgements. There was a slight depression that I hadn't noticed, and with the inevitable heavy rain in the night came a big puddle - right where I was sleeping.

It seems that olympic mania hasn't died down yet - or won't until the cows get hungry.
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Fortunately this wasn't too much of a problem as I will be sleeping in a proper bed tonight, in a proper house! I have also managed to dry everything out with the strong winds which did their best to thwart my progress to Kentville, home of Kate's parents who have very kindly offered to put me up for a few days before my flight back to the UK.

On the way here I was able to arrange a couple of bike boxes, to be picked up tomorrow, to pack my bike up ready for flying home, and a large hockey bag to put everything else in as the airline will only allow one piece of checked baggage (other than the bike, which as a piece of sporting equipment counts as an extra).

Today's ride: 28 miles (45 km)
Total: 8,765 miles (14,106 km)

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