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October 16, 2012

Kentville to a secret location not far from Heathrow Airport.

I've had a few days off the bike now, have caught up on some misssing sleep and been well fed thanks to Kate's parents, and am back in England at my parents house before riding back to Sheffield. The flight back wasn't very direct, going via Toronto and Iceland, but is half the price of a direct one. How does that work...?

Watching the sun wake up in Iceland.
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My bike had to be boxed for the return journey, an ordeal I had not had to endure before, but was able to squeeze a very large bike into an impossibly small box - there is a lot to be said for not flying. Also, it took me all summer to cross Canada by bike, and only a number of hours to fly a similar distance home. Flying may be convenient from a time perspective, but by comparison it seems a cramped, uncomfortable and removed from reality way to travel. Three cheers for the bike...

I have heard many negative comments about Air Canada, and having travelled one leg of the journey home with them, thought it only fair to offer them some defence. Yes, I did have to pay $50 for the bike, but along with snacks on board, charging for these "extras" helps to keep the price of the ticket down (who doesn't want that), and I couldn't fault the service on this leg of the journey.

Stay tuned, the journey is not over yet. After a few days catching up with family and friends I will be back on the road for the last leg back home to Sheffield.

I couldn't resist posting one last photo from Canada (thanks Kate)-

In answer to the age old question, you can now reply "No, a bear doesn't always crap in the woods".
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