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April 18, 2012

Rocky Point to Bodega Bay

I had a good sleep in the cabin, and awoke to what sounded like a fierce wind, but I soon realised that it was the sea crashing onto the rocks below me. In semi darkness I ate breakfast and realised that I hadn't been alone last night - a mouse scurried along the floor and through the gap under the floor. When I packed away I realised that he had joined me for dinner too, having eaten through the half bag of pasta that was left on the side. I must be more disciplined about putting all food stuff away when not in use as there are plenty of other animals in this area of the country after a change of diet.

The view of last nights stop whilst climbing to the road.
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I got away just before 7, as planned, and faced a steep track climbing for just under a mile to put me back onto the road. I warmed up fast this morning. The days cycling was very good, with lovely scenery, lots of climbing and fast twisting descents, and not too much traffic (compared to what I'm used to), which passed with plenty of room to spare. The biggest difference to what I'm used to though was the wildlife. There were lots of colourful birds I have never seen before, vultures circling on the thermals and teasing me whenever I got the camera out, some not so alive wildlife; a raccoon and a snake (thankfully that one was definitely dead - they are not my favourite by a long way), and lots of not wild-life; dogs sitting on their drivers laps whilst driving along.

I realised that I really was in the USA when I pulled into a parking area to try to photograph the vultures, and saw some rifle cartridges lying on the ground. This is something I would definitely not expect to see back at home.

Hedge art.
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More hedge art.
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Home tonight is the Bodega Dunes State Beach Campground, where there is a 'hiker / biker' site for $5 per night including free hot showers, which as there weren't any at last night's stop were very welcome. Being so early in the season there aren't many people here, so it is very peaceful.

Twisted tree at campground
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Today's ride: 54 miles (87 km)
Total: 383 miles (616 km)

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