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June 21, 2012

Winnipeg to Rennie

Today is the longest day of the year (aided by the crows which kept me awake since the small hours), so the nights will soon be drawing in, and Christmas will soon be here, but undeterred by this news I was packed up and ready to say goodbye to Daniel by 0745. After a photo of my great host was taken I headed away from "The Peg", to Dugeld to meet up with Kate who had stayed the last 2 nights with one of her many friends. She must have been having a good time, because I had to wait over an hour for her! Never mind though, I spent the time drinking gas station coffee and chatting to the locals - Kim would be proud of me.

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The terrain was changing fast from the prairies I had ridden through to get to Winnipeg, and there were now many more trees, lakes and flies. Big bull flies that followed us without let up even at speeds of 20mph when I tried to outrun them, and that drew blood when they bit you. This meant that we didn't stop much today, until we arrived at Rennie (nothing to do with heartburn - apparently) and found the Stoney Pines campground.

Even though it looks like Kate is crapping, she assures me that she is just taking an artistic picture of her bike.
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Lady's slippers. Apparently.
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Riding through the rapidly changing scenery.
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Daniel had told me that this campground didn't charge cyclists, which they luckily still don't, and the first job upon arrival, after a cup of tea of course, was to fit my air bear scare horn and Kate's helmet mirror. Whilst dumping some rubbish I saw a chipmonk trapped in one of the bins, so released him, which made me feel better about having swatted so many flies today.

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The lady running the campground had said that thunderstorms and rain were expected during the night, and I must be getting lazy because I couldn't be bothered to put the tent up, so slept in the games room, a very well equipped area, which as there were no children on the campsite tonight was very peaceful.

Today's ride: 81 miles (130 km)
Total: 3,708 miles (5,967 km)

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