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April 28, 2012

Rest day in Brookings

After an even more leisurely get up and breakfast than the last few days I did some bike maintenance and cleaning so I could dedicate the rest of the day to seeing the sights of Brookings. However, i'd noticed that a few of the gears on the cassette were wearing faster than I would expect, and when I looked further into it, realised that the freehub had come loose or was damaged. Fortunately there is a bike shop in town.

I caught up with the journal and some other online things which needed doing (does the internet actually save time or just create more things that need doing?) and was on my way to the bike shop when I saw the Mexican restaurant I had seen yesterday with an all you can eat lunch buffet. Four large platefulls later, having gorged on much needed vegetables and salad, I got to the bike shop, to be told by a "mechanic" that the rear wheel would probably need replacing. Unfortunately he didn't inspire much confidence in me, and when I suggested that it was only the freehub started mumbling some nonsense. Needless to say i'll be pushing on and hoping to find another shop that can repair it, or lend me the tools to do it myself, before it fails completely.

After that it was a slow amble back to the campsite, where a strong cold wind is blowing from he north, to chill out and prepare for an early start in the morning, aided by a fine bottle of Fire Station Steam Pumper IPA - a good incentive to get to Olympia soon!

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An English guy walking / hitchhiking his way south and an American, Don, also heading north by bike provided some good company at the campsite, and after watching a spectacular sunset it was off to bed for an early night in preperation for an early start tomorrow.

Sunset at Brookings, Oregon.
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