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May 1, 2012

Lakeside to Wakonda Beach

The day started slowly, hardly suprising given yesterday's distance - I just couldn't get out of my sleeping bag. I eventually got rolling just after 9, and sure enough, before long the waterproofs were on again. Lunch was had at Florence, a lovely city with a beautiful old town by the river. Just as I was finishing lunch I noticed something rather special across the road. Now a bike shop will nearly always catch my eye, but a bike shop that also sells guitars - now that's cool. What else could a guy want? A dog, according to Chris who was also in the shop, although more for business as he is promoting 'bike to work month'.

There're lakes in Oregon too, not just coastline.
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Bikes AND guitars...!
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The next hour was spent chatting to Chris about cycling, bikes and biking issues, although not dogs or guitars, and looking around the shop - a great place. It was quite an effort dragging myself out of Florence (the town, not the person), but I had a campsite earmarked that I wanted to reach early so I could sort myself out and get an early night. However, that campsite was closed, and so was the one after it, so I eventually covered an extra 15 hilly (but very scenic) miles before arriving at the Beachside State Park Campground. Here I met Todd, also on a tour, but heading south, and spent a very agreeable couple of hours chatting to, and celebrating my first 1,000 miles covered, along with an old friend Captain Morgan.

The view at the 1,000 mile point of the trip.
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Although it might just seem that I am 'winging it' with regards to route planning, the idea has been to speak to people who have travelled the route or know it, and gain the experience from them. Todd was able to help in this way, and highlighted some areas I might have otherwise missed.

Today being the 1st of May is the day that the State Parks campground fees go up as it enters high season. That means a huge jump from $5 to $6 for a hiker biker site. Still fantastic value when travelling solo, and I have never yet had reason to complain about the facilities. This site, The Beachside, is one of my favourite ones so far. Although not far from the road, so vehicle noise can be heard, the sound of the sea crashing against the beach makes up for it, and unlike many of the sites, especially in the redwood forests, there aren't too many trees here, so the sun and breeze can penetrate and prevent the gloomy damp feeling which can occur.

The temperature seems to be dropping again, and I kept my gloves on all day whilst riding today. I'm not sure if it's because I am now considerably further north than when I started, or because the weather has changed, or probably a combination of the two, but I am definitely feeling the cold a lot more now, and have started sleeping in full thermals. It does mean that I don't have to bother with sun cream though.

Stormy Oregon coastline.
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Today's ride: 64 miles (103 km)
Total: 1,016 miles (1,635 km)

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